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Our mission

10 March 2016

Assistance in the development and protection of small and midsize business, which will be presented in terms of creating a transparent and reliable platform for the cooperation of the Association members with state authorities on the Ukrainian market and abroad. Implementation of rights and freedoms protection, suiting the economic, social, cultural, environmental and other interests in particular.

To ensure the most favorable conditions for running a business with our partners, the association founders have formulated the following goals and tasks:

– assistance in the protection and implementation of the rights of small and midsize business;

– creation and implementation of the effective strategy of small and midsize business development;

– forming a productive dialogue between small/midsize business and authorities;

– development of business relations in the business circle in Ukraine and foreign countries, international and interregional cooperation;

– spreading the principles of civilized conduct of business and social responsibility of entrepreneurs;

– support and promotion of entrepreneurial initiatives and projects;

– attracting entrepreneurs to discuss small and midsize business problems;

– organizing regular contacts of politically active businessmen with representatives of executive and legislative authorities at the regional and local levels;

– consolidation of the business community;

– creation of an effective system of expert review of legal acts considering small and midsize business;

– stimulating the growth of domestic production;

– forming a positive image of the Ukrainian goods and services producer;

– reduction of administrative barriers for entrepreneurs;

– assistance in finding young qualified staff.