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International Business Association. What we do and how we can help you.

You want to set up a business or you are already running one? Then you are aware of the business management problems and the fact that starting new business is really troublesome. Still it does not mean you have to give up on your private business and its development.

You do not know where to get money for the start-up? You need legal consulting? Maybe documentation for public authorities did not work out for you? You are in lack of business information?  International Business Association perfectly suits your needs.

We provide the members of our organization with legal assistance, create the investment fund, train entrepreneurship and ways of business development, consult and help to expand your social circle with successful businessmen, among which you can possibly find your reliable business partners.

In the circle of successful entrepreneurs a lot of conceptual directions of the development have arisen, the implementation of which involves the positive changes in the economic and social fields – the emergence of new products on the market, creation of new workplaces and increase of people’s well-being level. Understanding of the importance of these trends as well as already gained experience of particular entrepreneurs in running international business have resulted in a univocal solution – Ukraine in general and each modern entrepreneur in particular need a consolidation of responsible strong forces that are able to manage money.

Paraphrasing one figure’s campaign slogan, we claim: “Ukraine, but you first and foremost, need International Business Association!”