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International Business Association closely cooperates with state authorities. We are aware of all the events and news in business, legal and other fields. If you are an entrepreneur already or just want to start your own business, you need to thoroughly examine the news of your country. Laws change, jurisprudence constantly updates from year to year. We can consult you about all the mentioned or you can read the news on some of the sources we provide you with below.


The official website of the President of Ukraine


This resource gives you an opportunity to get aware of new presidential decrees, Constitution of Ukraine and different orders.

The official website of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine


Here you will find all of the passed laws, latest political news, as well as reports and information about Public Procurement etc.

The official website of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine


Everything about the government activity as well as the procedure of appealing.

The official website of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine


National Security Council news, presidential decrees concerning armed and security forces and a lot of other useful information.

The official website of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine


All Prosecutor’s office news, regulations of citizens’ reception and the order of appeals.

The official website of National Bank of Ukraine


The most complete information about the changes in exchange rates, Ukrainian financial sector developments and also a description of payment and settlement systems.